September 20, 2017

MicroLink Devices is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a SBIR Phase I program by the US Army titled "Lightweight Flexible Solar Cells Performance Enhanced with Nanostructures". 

In this effort, MicroLink will increase the integrated energy generated over an entire day by employing novel periodic optical nano patterns to optimize light propagation and absorption in epitaxial lift-off (ELO) GaAs solar cells.  These nanostructures will enhance the absorption and trapping of light by minimizing surface reflectance and altering light propagation paths to increase optical absorption, particularly for longer wavelengths for which optical absorption coefficients are low.  By increasing the optical path length within the cell, light trapping and photon recycling allows for thinner absorbing layers in the solar cell, thereby reducing the overall cost and weight of the cell.  Flexible GaAs ELO solar cells employing optical nanostructures will dramatically outperform the existing II-VI based solar cells such as CIGS and CdTe, or a-Si:H.

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